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Arthur Bright Incorporated  - Scholarship 

Giving it forward


In our small way of expressing GRATITUDE, we sponsor school going kids from kindergarten to year 12 at Trinity High School, Dehradun, India. As of today we have 34 kids under the scholarship program, from the total 600 kids studying in the school. Our financial contribution goes towards their school fees, uniforms, books, extra classes and bus fare. Our aim is to grow this pool to 70 students strength in the next 5 years, and then run the scholarship in a rolling fashion with 5 new kids  replacing graduating students each year.
Updated Nov, 2020

 Arthur Bright Incorporated
  Is a not for profit incorporated organisation in Australia, reporting to Department of Fair Trading NSW 
It runs on ZERO admin cost, ensuring each dollar does what it is destined to. 
 • It is not a DGR. Thus donations are not tax deductible. However, contributions made by family trusts come out of pre-tax income, thereby effectively providing tax deduction.                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                   How it all started
Arthur Bright started in late 2013 at the banks of holy Ganges river at the foothills of Himalayas. Manu was at the holy town of Haridwar attending a week long prayer. While having a conversation with his cousin sister Sangeeta and her husband, who had moved back from Australia to open up a private school in India, it was noted that the lack of education amongst kids of poor families had its long term impact on their social and economic well being.
Note : Private schools in India do not get any funding from the government, and public schools do not provide quality education. Hence if one can't afford a private school education, opportunities are extremely limited. 

Within a few minutes, they put together a plan to choose 12 kids from poor families, and support them in their education, from kindy all the way through to year 12. Sangeeta (who is currently the headmistress of the school) would be the right person to assess who needs this support while Manu will pitch in with financial support. Again they both  shared the values of their grandpa - Mr. Arthur, and wanted to take his good work further. Thus came to being, what is called 'Arthur Bright Scholarship' in India, and more recently, Arthur Bright Incorporated in Australia.
             Join our mission 
If you're interested towards contributing to this mission, and wish to make a difference in a child's or family's life,  which then improves the socio-economy status of the community, please contact Lilian admin@mgarthur.com.au or Manu manu@mgarthur.com.au.

You're welcomed to ;
a) make a one off contribution
b) sponsor a child for one term at a time
c) sponsor a child for the length of their education at school

One child at a time, we can make the change.