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Last week when we published our Guidelines for NSW Covid-19 Business Grant, we were hoping that the case numbers will drop, and the end to this lockdown will be in sight.

As we now bring to you our Guidelines for NSW JobSaver Payments, things seem to have gone from bad to worse. We deeply understand how important JobSaver is going to be for many of our clients struggling as a result of this lockdown, and are working around the clock to bring to you updated information and guidance on how to apply.

Please click here to download your copy of the Guidelines.

In Brief - JobSaver Payment

  • This scheme covers businesses with turnover between $75,000 and $50 million per year.
  • Eligible businesses with employees will get 40% of their gross weekly wage paid out to them each fortnight effective from 18th July 2021 (with a minimum of $1,500 per week and maximum of $10,000 per week).
  • Weekly wage will be based on your last eligible BAS lodged (amongst other criteria). Hence it isn't impacted by your wage bill in current lockdown period.
  • Businesses will need to maintain their staff headcount as at 13th July 2021. This includes stood down employees or employees on unpaid leave, as long as their employment is not terminated.
  • Businesses will get paid JobSaver even if their employees apply for Covid-19 Disaster Payment from Centrelink.
  • Non employing businesses will get $1,000 per week, but only if the associated individuals do not receive Covid-19 Disaster Payment from Centrelink.

How to Apply for JobSaver

Jobsaver payment will be processed by Service NSW and hence will need to be applied by business owners, and not their tax agents. Details of the process are explained in our downloadable Guide.

Critically though, we understand that the details you put in as part of your registration and application will be cross checked with details in Australian Business Register (ABR) managed by ATO. This is where we can help you. In order to ensure your records in ABR are complete and accurate we recommend that you send us updated details by copying the below table into an email, completing the details, and emailing to admin@mgarthur.com.au (copy clientservice@mgarthur.com.au) and your usual contact in our office).

Please delete comments below as you update your information

Entity Name

<Specify all entities, if you have more than one>

Name of the person who will be making the application (contact person)

<This would usually be the business owner or director. Employees or other people authorised by the business can also make the application on behalf of the business. Make sure the spelling of your name mentioned here match your ID details (eg. Driver's License and Medicare Card)>

Address of the business

<This should be address of your business location>

Address of the contact person

<While we would have your address on file, best for you to provide this detail here so we are accurate>

Phone number and email of the contact person


Your Industry Category and ANZSIC code

<This code is used by ABR to record the industry you operate in. This information is critical if you believe your business has been highly impacted by lockdown. Please refer to Attachment A and advise if any of the listed Industry category and ANZSIC code apply to you. If they don't, please provide us with a short description of your business activity so we can appropriately check and update your details on ABR.

Are there any costs involved for the above exercise?

While we expect to be inundated with the above requests in the next few days, and will be required to divert a substantial portion of our resources to this activity, we are happy to provide the above service free of cost. This is our gesture to support you when you need us the most.

There would be other requirements though, including assessing your turnover drop and preparing accountant letter (if required by Service NSW) which may incur an appropriate charge.

What about businesses with less than $75,000 turnover?

A separate grant called the 2021 COVID-19 Micro-Business Grant has also been released. Details can be found here . We are preparing our guidelines and will release them on Wednesday the 28th July 2021.

Message from the desk of Manu Gupta

The impact that this current wave of Covid-19 is having on our clients and economy in general is undoubtedly well beyond what we saw last year. We are conscious of the help and support that our clients need at this time, and are working as best as we can to support you all.

With most of us working from home and battling our own challenges including home schooling, I must acknowledge, there will be times we will not meet our own high standards of client service and timely response. In such instances I request you to please be patient and work with us, as we work with all our clients to help them through this difficult period.

If you do have any unresolved issues, I urge you to contact me directly on 0401 570 105 or manu@mgarthur.com.au so I could step in and help out.