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Arthur Bright Scholarship : A Team Initiative

As many of you may know, in the spirit of giving it forward, our team launched Arthur Bright Incorporated in Australia in 2018 at our 10th year anniversary. This initiative was originally started by Manu in 2013. The purpose of this initiative is to provide scholarship for students from financially challenged families at Trinity High School, Dehradun, India. Watch a quick introduction video here. Our scholarship program has now grown to 34 students.

COVID Challenge, Your Help Needed

The school is facing a new challenge this year due to the impact of COVID on many families within their community. Some families have lost their jobs, while others got a pay cut either from their employer or their small operating businesses, making them unable to pay their kids' basic school fees. Some have still tried to meet this commitment, but many aren't able to. The school is doing their bit by only charging their basic school fee, and nothing further.



Please direct your contribution; 
Bank Transfer
Arthur Bright Incorporated
BSB : 032- 164
Acc : 437918
Ref : Your name

Credit card - AMEX/ Master/Visa
Surcharge1.95% for Amex 
1.5% for Master/Visa above $500
Ref : Your name - Arthur Bright

Contact us  on 02 9639 4420 
should you have any questions at all.
How Can You Help
We have recently been approached by the school for a special scholarship for 1 year for an additional 26 students (who are not under our scholarship program). The school Principal, Mrs Sangeeta Agarwal has sent us a list of students, with their family circumstances and their expected fee for the year. We seek your support in giving it forward, to these families, small or big. You can either choose to sponsor a child for a year which ranges from AUD 193 to AUD 476 per child or make a donation to the pool.

Is the gift tax deductible?
Arthur Bright Incorporated is a not-for profit organisation registered in Australia, reporting to the Department of Fair Trading NSW. It runs on ZERO admin costs, ensuring each dollar does what it is destined to do. It is not a DGR, thus donations are not tax deductible. However contributions made by family trust come out of the pre-tax income, thereby effectively providing tax deduction. 

We appreciate your support and thank you for your generosity.