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Here's yet another very convincing SCAM call received by one of our clients. 

The caller identified himself as Paul Wilson (client said his name didn't co-relate with his accent) and said he works alongside the Police Department and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. He identified himself with a badge ID and case ID (understandably fake). He told our client that her TFN has been compromised and has been used in some drug trafficking and money laundering scheme in Canberra. Client was asked if she has any close relatives or friends who live in Canberra who could have used her details. The client was then told her TFN will be cancelled in the next 45mins and a new one would be issued. It was all very convincing till the scammer asked the client what her TFN was and if she didn't provide the TFN police will be at her doorstep. The client thankfully knew it was a scam, and quickly put an end to the call.

During this difficult financial period, scammers are constantly upgrading their scamming techniques towards vulnerable public. They are very convincing, confident and skilled in their persuasion tactics. 

There have been other known instances of scam emails received 'as if' from Australia Post, Telstra or Amazon Delivery!


Please be extra vigilant not only over the phone but in your emails too. 

Do not provide any confidential information. Do not take any immediate action of transferring money. KEEP CALM. 

Hang up and give us a call to double check. 

Educate your family and friends, especially senior citizens who often fall prey to these scams. 

Please refer to this ATO link for more information or to report a scam. 

Kind regards, 

Team M G Arthur & Associates