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Finding more efficient and effective ways of executing a task has always been one of our focus. Hence we will be trialing two  e-signature platforms namely Annature and FuseSign this week.


Why are we trialing these platforms?

This has stemmed from the feedback we've received from our valued clients who are currently using Sage e-signature. Some of the feedback received were that the Sage requires password (yet another password to remember), and involves multiple steps. So, we are trialing these two platforms to be able to choose one that would work best for you.

What are the benefits of these new platforms?

a)  No passwords to remember ; they use 2 factor authentificiation with your email and phone 
b) It's mobile friendly - so you can sign documents from anywhere with no username or password required
c) Quick and easy to use
d) Multiple signatures can be obtained at the same time 

Then, What next?

When you receive a signature request from either of these two platforms, please be assured it is not a SPAM. Please complete the electronic signature process and give us your feedback as soon as you can. Based on your feedback we will choose the most suitable platform as our mainstream platform for electronic signatures.

We thank you in advance for your support.