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Please take note a client of ours has received a SCAM call yesterday from an unknown Scammer. The caller said he was from ATO Debt collection, and told the client that there was a warrant issued against him unless he pays $1000 urgently into a credit card. The scammer asked the client for our number, and made a fake call to someone who posed as if he worked for M G Arthur asking the client to pay the money to avoid jail time. 

These scammers are very skilled and persuasive. Their language is very harsh and scary, and may convince you to take urgent action to PAY funds to them IMMEDIATELY. They scare you by saying that failing to do so, may result in ARREST or other severe consequences.


This is an Australia wide scam call that happens very commonly these days. 

Do not pay anything. ATO will never ask you to pay immediately, or in cash. 

Do no give them any information. Hang up and give us a call.

Please refer to this ATO link for more information or to report a scam. 

Please be vigilant. 

Kind regards, 

Team M G Arthur & Associates