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Our Logo & Story

Our Logo, a simplistic approach

Our Story, the story of Mr. Arthur

Often people ask me: 'Why Arthur?' or 'Who is MG Arthur?'. Well, here's a story that comes straight from the heart of history. My grandfather was born in British India in the town of Hansi, Haryana. He was born extremely fair skinned, just like a white child. At that time a British General who visited my great-grandfather saw this fair skinned child and called him Arthur. As he grew up, this child, (my grandfather) adopted Arthur as his family name and was fondly known as Mr. Arthur (perhaps the only Mr. Arthur in India).

At a very early age Mr. Arthur had to move cities and take care of his wife and 6 younger siblings. He started his working life with just 100 Rupees in his pocket (equivalent of $100 today); a humble beginning from which he grew his business empire, working hard with integrity and honesty.

Adopting the same spirit, I named my practice in his honour. As a team of young and energetic self-believers, we take forward the mantle of honesty, integrity and hard work. We craft our own future and help our clients to craft theirs. Mr. Arthur lives on as our source of inspiration.

Manu Gupta