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Business Performance & Tax Health Score

Business Health Check Yes No Not Sure
I have a good understanding of how much money is going in and out of my business and can forecast cash-flows
I regularly check my business performance against the key performance indicators (KPI) of the market and other business which helps me make appropriate business decisions
I use my time to concentrate on parts of the business where I am most valuable – spending less time in maintaining business records and keeping up with tax compliance
My business is well protected from possible risks, death of key stakeholders
I have a business plan and regularly update it with the changes surrounding my business environment
Tax health check
I am carrying on my business and my investments are held in structure that focuses at minimizing my tax and providing appropriate asset protection
I am on top of various compliances required for my business- like lodging BAS/ IAS, super, PAYG, Payroll taxes, workers comp, Fringe benefit tax, ASIC related matters etc
I am working towards a plan for a 'self-funded' retirement
My business ownership structure provides me the opportunity to sell my business at a minimal capital gain tax
I can estimate how much taxes I would be paying and set strategies to reduce it

Check out your outcome...

Mostly YES
Great! This means that you are ready to set higher goals for your business. We suggest making an appointment with us to discuss how we could further business and continue the upward growth.
Mostly NO
No Stress!! To improve upon various areas, we suggest that you contact us and we could take necessary actions together to get you on top of things.
It is time you take control! You may be a start-up business or may be time crunched. We suggest you contact us to help you with the best solutions for you to take control of your business and taxes.
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