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We now have further updates from Service NSW on how this retesting phase will pan out, and what would be the lifecycle.

While Service NSW website still requires businesses to re-confirm their eligibility for Fortnight 30 August to 12 September, this is actually not required. It is expected that the website will be updated soon, to remove this period of eligibility.

  Job Saver

Micro-Business Grant

The first period for which businesses will need to reconfirm eligibility   3 September to 26 September 2021   20 September to 3 October 2021
 Considering end date for both these periods have passed and Service NSW website is yet to be updated with options, the only thing we can suggest, is to be patient.
Grant Ends   30 November 2021  30 November 2021
Payments tapering down  From 11th October –payments will be cut by 25% of/from your current Jobsaver payment.

 From 80% double vaccination (expected from 18th October) – Jobsaver payment will be cut by 62.50% of your current Jobsaver payments.

 From 80% double vaccination (expected from 18th October) - Micro-business Grant payments will be cut by 50%.


 For the fortnight which includes 30th November, it is expected that only part fortnight payment will be made per above reduced amount. Further clarification is awaited.

Note : Businesses have been paid Jobsaver payments for the period 13 to 26 September 2021, pending their confirmation of eligibility. If you are not eligible, please ensure you do not spend this money, since you will be asked to refund this money once you confirm you are in-eligible.

More information on various testing options can be obtained from our website here.

Meanwhile, may we suggest that unless you need urgent financial assistance, please wait and watch. We understand that there is no cut off date for retesting. As you know there are multiple options to choose from. We can re-test for a few fortnights together, choose the best option that maximises your payment, and go in and complete the re-confirmation process for all of these fortnights in one go. This will also minimise time and cost.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our office.